A control room full of women!

For most of my career, I have been surrounded by dudes - the only chick in the band, the only gal on the tour bus, and the only woman in the control room. Don’t get me wrong, I love my male collaborators, and I’m totally at home in a room full of guys. But when I rehearsed at Capitol for the Future is Female concert, it was a special experience to to be in a control room full of women! Everyone from lead engineer to Pro Tools op to composers, conductors, and orchestrators was female. (OK, with a few guy assistants…the oppositie of the usual gender ratio.)

Why does it matter, you ask? Can’t we all just be human beings making music? That would be the ideal scenario. But when you’re used to being the only one, and suddenly you’re surrounded with others like you, a whole group of you all working together and giving your best to lift each other up…wow. It was an absolute joy.

Cindy O'Connor